In the XXI century, in our contemporary era, the world is changing dramatically with a speed that is beyond us. Contemporary art, a true reflection of what is happening, does not seem to change with these rapid movements that make the world tremble. If art is supposed to be the expression of human beings and their emotions (through technical skill) why is not this unstoppable acceleration reflected in innovations in contemporary art? It is certainly arguable that they are not reflected in any way, but in any case both ways, art and reality, do not run parallel right now. I think it's simply a matter of survival, an indication that the human being, in its essence, walks slower than the world it's creating. His psychological evolution and adaptation to the environment are incomparably slower than the meteoric technological progress that we are witnessing. And I think that it has always been this way, but now the differences in "time" are occurring in an exponential way; it could be said that man cannot digest the vast information available to the rate at which it is produced. The "Homo Sapiens Sapiens" is inventing and creating worlds that escape emotionally from him, not digested as quickly as it should. Our art, at this rate, will be inexorably primitive. I wonder if this is bad and I think it is not because we will realize -and art will be a sign that will lead us- that or we adapt the world to our evolutionary rates or it will destroy us.
Contemporary art in all its facets, painting, sculpture, architecture, literature, film, music, will give us the exact measure of how we are adapted to the environment we are creating.
Let us look carefully at contemporary art, let us investigate its meaning and its daily development. With care and sensitivity, we will listen to its message and it will allow us to know if we are able to evolve and adapt, in equilibrium.

CONTEMPORARY ART. Contemporary Painting. ART AND ARTISTS. 21st Century. XXI st.
Contemporary Artists of the World. Art and Artists. Contemporary Modern Art. 21st Century Art. XXI

CONTEMPORARY-ART-MODERN-ART-PAINTING-ARTISTS.-.merello.-spanish-woman-with-flower(92x73-cm) CONTEMPORARY-ART-MODERN-ART-PAINTING-ARTISTS.-Jose Manuel Merello.- Encuentro (146 x 114 cm) CONTEMPORARY-ART-MODERN-ART-PAINTING-ARTISTS.-jose-manuel-merello.-desnudo-griego-(100-x-81-cm) CONTEMPORARY-ART-MODERN-ART-PAINTING-ARTISTS.-jose-manuel-merello.-el-nino-del-gorrion-(55-x-38-cm) CONTEMPORARY-ART-MODERN-ART-PAINTING-ARTISTS.-jose-manuel-merello.--encuentro-(146-x-114-cm) CONTEMPORARY-ART-MODERN-ART-PAINTING-ARTISTS.-jose-manuel-merello.-filosofo-del-mediterraneo-(100x81-cm) CONTEMPORARY-ART-MODERN-ART-PAINTING-ARTISTS.-jose-manuel-merello.-humans.- CONTEMPORARY-ART-MODERN-ART-PAINTING-ARTISTS.-jose-manuel-merello.-la-coleta-azul.-(55-x-38-cm) CONTEMPORARY-ART-MODERN-ART-PAINTING-ARTISTS.-jose-manuel-merello.-mujer-desnuda--nude-woman-(81-x-130-cm) CONTEMPORARY-ART-MODERN-ART-PAINTING-ARTISTS.-jose-manuel-merello.-nina-con-pajarito-blanco-(73-x-54-cm) CONTEMPORARY-ART-MODERN-ART-PAINTING-ARTISTS.-jose-manuel-merello.-sitting-woman-with-vase-(81-x-100-cm) CONTEMPORARY-ART-MODERN-ART-PAINTING-ARTISTS.-jose-manuel-merello.-spanish-girl-(55-x-38-cm) CONTEMPORARY-ART-MODERN-ART-PAINTING-ARTISTS.-jose-manuel-merello.-violeta-(55-x-38-cm) CONTEMPORARY-ART-MODERN-ART-PAINTING-ARTISTS.-merello.-(73x54-cm).-caballito-espanol CONTEMPORARY-ART-MODERN-ART-PAINTING-ARTISTS.-merello.-(100x81-cm)-.-mujer-del-color CONTEMPORARY-ART-MODERN-ART-PAINTING-ARTISTS.-merello.-andalusian-girl-(73x54-cm) CONTEMPORARY-ART-MODERN-ART-PAINTING-ARTISTS.-merello.-blue-spanish-woman-(100x81-cm) CONTEMPORARY-ART-MODERN-ART-PAINTING-ARTISTS.-merello.-bodegon-de-abril-(81x100-cm) CONTEMPORARY-ART-MODERN-ART-PAINTING-ARTISTS.-merello.-bodegon-del-matematico-(81x100-cm) CONTEMPORARY-ART-MODERN-ART-PAINTING-ARTISTS.-merello.-bouquet-and-remembers- CONTEMPORARY-ART-MODERN-ART-PAINTING-ARTISTS.-merello.-campos-malva-de-cuenca-(81x100-cm) CONTEMPORARY-ART-MODERN-ART-PAINTING-ARTISTS.-merello.-ebony-(100x81-cm) CONTEMPORARY-ART-MODERN-ART-PAINTING-ARTISTS.-merello.-el-montgo-de-javea-(97x162-cm) CONTEMPORARY-ART-MODERN-ART-PAINTING-ARTISTS.-merello.-el-nino-de-paris-(81x130-cm) CONTEMPORARY-ART-MODERN-ART-PAINTING-ARTISTS.-merello.-fantasia-(97-x-130-cm).- CONTEMPORARY-ART-MODERN-ART-PAINTING-ARTISTS.-merello.-fantasy-(-97-x-130-cm--) CONTEMPORARY-ART-MODERN-ART-PAINTING-ARTISTS.-merello.-figura-sobre-fondo-rojo-(73x54cm) CONTEMPORARY-ART-MODERN-ART-PAINTING-ARTISTS.-merello.-florero-azul-(100x81-cm) CONTEMPORARY-ART-MODERN-ART-PAINTING-ARTISTS.-merello.-florero-de-la-lluvia-(100x81-cm) CONTEMPORARY-ART-MODERN-ART-PAINTING-ARTISTS.-merello.-florero-en-el-balcon-del-mar-(81x100-cm) CONTEMPORARY-ART-MODERN-ART-PAINTING-ARTISTS.-merello.-florero-valenciano(100x81-cm) CONTEMPORARY-ART-MODERN-ART-PAINTING-ARTISTS.-merello.-flores-del-albaicin-(40-x30-cm) CONTEMPORARY-ART-MODERN-ART-PAINTING-ARTISTS.-merello.-historia-de-un-caballo-(150x220cm) CONTEMPORARY-ART-MODERN-ART-PAINTING-ARTISTS.-merello.-jarron-con-flores.-malva-still-life-(100x81-cm) CONTEMPORARY-ART-MODERN-ART-PAINTING-ARTISTS.-merello.-la-bata-azul-(100x81-cm)- CONTEMPORARY-ART-MODERN-ART-PAINTING-ARTISTS.-merello.-la-ciudad-del-sol-(81x130-cm) CONTEMPORARY-ART-MODERN-ART-PAINTING-ARTISTS.-merello.-la-mujer-del-sol(81x100cm) CONTEMPORARY-ART-MODERN-ART-PAINTING-ARTISTS.-merello.-muchacha-con-corazon-(40x30-cm)- CONTEMPORARY-ART-MODERN-ART-PAINTING-ARTISTS.-merello.-mujer- CONTEMPORARY-ART-MODERN-ART-PAINTING-ARTISTS.-merello.-mujer-del-paraiso-(100-x-81-cm) CONTEMPORARY-ART-MODERN-ART-PAINTING-ARTISTS.-merello.-mujer-de-porcelana-azul-(81x100-cm)- CONTEMPORARY-ART-MODERN-ART-PAINTING-ARTISTS.-merello.-mujer-frente-al-espejo-(100x81-cm) CONTEMPORARY-ART-MODERN-ART-PAINTING-ARTISTS.-merello.-nina-con-pamela-blanca-(130x97-cm) CONTEMPORARY-ART-MODERN-ART-PAINTING-ARTISTS.-merello.-nino-con-caballo-azul-(92x73-cm) CONTEMPORARY-ART-MODERN-ART-PAINTING-ARTISTS.-merello.-ninos-y-ofrenda.-pastoral.-(81x100-cm) CONTEMPORARY-ART-MODERN-ART-PAINTING-ARTISTS.-merello.-paisaje-del-ritmo-(81x130-cm) CONTEMPORARY-ART-MODERN-ART-PAINTING-ARTISTS.-merello.-pamela-rosa-y-florero-(54x73-cm) CONTEMPORARY-ART-MODERN-ART-PAINTING-ARTISTS.-merello.-pequeno-equilibrista-(73x92-cm) CONTEMPORARY-ART-MODERN-ART-PAINTING-ARTISTS.-merello.-retrato-de-nina-con-flor-amarilla-(73x54-cm) CONTEMPORARY-ART-MODERN-ART-PAINTING-ARTISTS.-merello.-romance-(81x100-cm) CONTEMPORARY-ART-MODERN-ART-PAINTING-ARTISTS.-merello.-romantic-nude-(130x97-cm) CONTEMPORARY-ART-MODERN-ART-PAINTING-ARTISTS.-merello.-sensual-nude-(81x130-cm) CONTEMPORARY-ART-MODERN-ART-PAINTING-ARTISTS.-merello.-summertime-flowers-(130x81-cm) CONTEMPORARY-ART-MODERN-ART-PAINTING-ARTISTS.-merello.--valencia-en-primavera--(45x32-cm) CONTEMPORARY-ART-MODERN-ART-PAINTING-ARTISTS.-merello.-woman-(130x97-cm) 



Contemporary art and contemporary artists of the world. XXI-21st-century


José Manuel Merello.-"Figura sobre fondo rojo"
Some of the best paintings by Merello. Contemporary artists and art.


José Manuel Merello.- "Fantasy 2"
Some of the top paintings by Merello. Contemporary artists and art.


José Manuel Merello.- "Mujer de porcelana azul" (81 x 100 cm)
Some of the top paintings by Merello. Contemporary artists and art.

"The Expressionist Painters, The Surrealistic ones, The Contemporary Painters in general ... and The Ancients, Figurative Painters, Abstracts, Realistics, Pop, The Greatest Painters, The Unknown ones, The Famous ones, The Genial Artists and The Artists without Genius... The Draftsmen of Comic, The Digital ones, Arrogants, Simples, Mad Painters, Rich ones, Poor Painters. It does not matter for me from where are they, Chinese or Spanish Painters; I like All the Painters around the World, I am interested in the whole painting; a simple vase, an anonymous portrait, a pretentious picture, a stupid picture, a brilliant painting: They all are Painters, All is Painting" © José Manuel Merello

"Horses and children. Fat women, beautiful women and old ladies. The magicians and poets. Dogs and cats sleeping. Bulls and Spanish bullfighters. The processions of Seville and Malaga. The crucified Christs filled with blood and prayers. The saints. A Virgin for each village. The sun and the rain of Biscay. The sea, the passion, love and art of the Mediterranean. Painting and older architecture. And the most modern. The dances and dances of the villages lost. Literature issued by the Spanish world. Deep red, purple, black and olive. The balance between the sun, moon and stars: this is the Spanish art. " ©José Manuel Merello


José Manuel Merello.- "Leyendo el libro del mar" (81 x 100 cm)
Some of the top paintings by Merello. Contemporary art and artists of the world.

"How will be the art in 2011 and in the near future? Freedom defines contemporary art. International art fairs are fun and intriguing, are challenges for thought and human emotion. Walking through a contemporary art fair like ARCO in Madrid, is now a mental release. You may think that what we are seeing is not "art", you may think that some artistic creations are not moral and then deduce that they are not art. But you are wrong. The art does not ever depend on morality. Any work of art owes nothing to any form of thought or ideology. The human spirit is free. Art is free. The art is beyond good and evil. What is necessary is to prevent some forms of art that are violent, dangerous, dictatorial.
We can not allow them because we need rules for coexistence or because it is ethically unacceptable. For example, we can turn the Amazon into a garden empty, naked, with only a tree. Sure could be a work of conceptual art, but it would be really stupid. The savagery and brutality can be handled with great skill. It would not be moral, it might be art, but should not be allowed.
Another common mistake for many visitors to ARCO is to think that there can be only paint. No. The painting is a very important part of art, but only a part. Many artists complain that there is very little paint on the contemporary art fairs. They have a point, perhaps t
he art galleries with paintings
should be more exposed there. Modern painting or classical paintings are wonderful, a highly evolved form of art ... but Art does not need paintings for being Art. Of course, many current creations are just ephemeral art, art to think and meditate during a few minutes. And now that's a very interesting difference." ©José Manuel Merello


José Manuel Merello.- "Don Quijote en su fantasía"
Some of the best paintings by Merello. Contemporary art and artists of the world.


Contemporary Art. Painters and Artists. "Pink Woman" (detail)

© Contemporary Art Painting




José Manuel Merello.- "Las Meninas de Velázquez"
Some of the best paintings by Merello. Contemporary art and artists of the world.




José Manuel Merello.- "Figura en la noche"
Some of the best paintings by Merello. Contemporary art and artists of the world.